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Empowering content creation

Streamline the podcast booking process and focus on creating great content


Find the right guest for your podcast, Search DM-Mi’s extensive database, filter on the profiles that match your content needs


Verify and securely connect with experts, influencers & interesting guests, with in app messaging


Book guests with 3 simple clicks, manage all of your podcast bookings in one place, create open slots & invite verified guests

How it works

Getting started on DM-Mi is quick, simple and intuitive to use, whether you’re a new to Podcasting or a seasoned guest, make booking in minutes


Create profile

Create profile as podcaster or guest



Search for right guests/podcasts



Manage Podcast bookings



Maintain your podcast calendar & build relationships

About Us

Inspired by a love of new media and the consumption of millions of online content channels, the founders of always identified that the Creators of audio podcasts, would spend a lot of time searching, connecting and booking guests for their channels.

The time-consuming nature of this process meant that creator would spend less time creating or have to hire a team of people to focus on creating quality content.

There had to be a simpler way, so was born.

Empowering content creation

A self service platform built with podcasters core needs in mind

Connecting podcast creators with contributing guests



Direct Message Me 🙂

Podcast hosts will frequently use social media as their channel for searching and communicating with potential guests, when a connection is made “DM me” starts the booking process. is specifically designed to make the process of searching, connecting and booking simpler, taking the stress away from time consuming activities to allow podcasters to focus on content creation.

Simply create a guest profile on, complete as much information about yourself as possible, include all relevant information that would make you appealing to podcast hosts. Once verified, you’ll have a searchable profile for creators to discover.

To create a profile to be a contributing guest on a podcast, DM-Mi will be absolutely free.

If you are a podcast creator then your first 90days or 5 bookings made through the app will be absolutely free (whichever is sooner). After which a monthly subscription of £30 will apply.

Absolutely, users can have a podcaster and guest profile that will be linked, so you can book guests on your podcasts as well as appear as a guest on others. When you create your profile, simply select “Podcaster & Guest” in the “User Type” dropdown, 

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